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Calorie Trackers for Weight Loss

There are some great Web-based/iPhone/Blackberry apps that track your calories to help you lose weight.

1. Calculate your Ideal Body Weight with a Calculator. Men should use the Devine formula and women the Robinson formula.

So, using myself as an example, I’m 5 ft 10.5 inches. My Ideal Body Weight according to the Devine formula is 163.5 lbs.

2. Calculate your daily calorie goal based on how much weight you want to lose per week.

You can do this on a website like livestrong.com/thedailyplate. Warning, while the basic features are free, they’re certainly interested in getting you to upgrade.

I set my Goal: to Maintain my current weight and my Activity Level: to Lightly Active which gives me a Calorie Goal of 2221 per day.

3. Track your daily calories based on the food you eat and how much exercise you do.

There are also iPhone and BlackBerry versions for $3 which make it convenient to enter food/exercise through the day. iPhone users can also use the free app Lose It!

Hope this is helpful!

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