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The 2010 Flu Vaccine – what you need to know

Time to get your flu shot. This year, the flu vaccine is recommended for anyone 6 months and older, especially the elderly, younger people, pregnant women, asthmatics, and anyone with chronic medical conditions. I also include people who fly often.

If you didn’t get the H1N1 vaccine last year (or are age 8 or younger), you’ll need two doses at least 4 weeks apart.
Kids age 8 and under who are getting flu vaccine for the first time or only got one dose H1N1 vaccine last year will need two doses at least 4 weeks apart.

The 2010 flu vaccine includes the 2009 H1N1 strain plus two seasonal flu strains.

If you are allergic to latex, be sure to get the vaccine from a multidose vial since the single-use prefilled syringe tip caps might contain latex.

Fluzone HD for seniors is a high-dose vaccine with 4 times as much antigen as the standard adult vaccine to help boost immunity, but may not be more effective and can cause more local reactions and “flu-like” symptoms. I’m not going to routinely recommend it.

Our office is currently out of flu shots but it seems the pharmacies are well stocked. Our office just received more flu vaccine. And if you’re curious, I got my own flu shot and suffered only minimal arm soreness.

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